Conference blog: IADIS 2011, Rome

International Multi Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems 2011, Rome eHealth 19.july-

eHealth Opening Profs Isaias and Macedo

–          Welcome

–          19 of 103 full papers accepted- lucky me! case study from Sogn & Fjordane accepted

–          First eHealth conferense was held in Portugal 2009 and then in 2010 in Germany

PPT not working as intended on conference PC. ODF solves the problem…

eHealth Keynote Dr Ascione

All online Europe: 172.3 Million

All eHealth Europe: 154 Million – eHealth is big!

Internet is the most trusted source outside professionals, a BIG thing. Whatever is there is trusted.

In US the Web is more trusted than the physicians…

European physician’s integration of the Web into daily practice nearly on par with the US

The eHealth communications eco-system:  Personal webspace and virtual conferences, augmented reality, content syndication (the most used resource for patients and physicians in Europe is Wikipedia after the search! Needs to be owned by community working on health care ), video (youtube- huge but still not enough in English and poor in other languages, on diabetes etc.),

Mobile (now more mobile sold to be on the net then pc)- those who supply tools(drugs) supply the new programs/apps for Physicians.—- mobile is booster for electronic record because Ipad more effective to bring along and apply—– ”games for health” apps to teach to achieve compliance- text can do a lot! Tips and tricks: text4baby—-

Health 2.0: Patients, HCP and Social Media:

Circle figure:  personalized search -) gathering communities -) intelligent tools (virtual help agent) -) data integration within content -) personalized search-)

Personal -72% use sosial media for healthcare –

Physicians Europe: 300 000 use blogs for info (of 1 mill) 25 000 are actively using them for prof content (podcasting): to share with or learn from peers, or to identify resources and advise patients. (Radically differs from 10 years ago). The web is substituting physicians as info source and they are starting to use info themselves. Nearly half of euro physicians recommend sites to patiens. ( 2008- 38%, 2009- 49%). Age is an important factor (young physicians much more into new practice than old. The patient is driving this change- Skype in 5 min replace 2*2 ours drive success story in us)

Turning people into practitioners in social networks – How?

Case from Italy- key service offered is ”Doctor online” with message board (in out), useful links (that doctors trust), upload patients resources, colleagues they trust, publications, point of view: — patients /consumers want and expect advice on their fingertips.

Database growt questions/answers 2001 to 2008 ratio one/one. By then long tail leverage was achieved and consumers often found answers by looking through old threads, half the questions are general in nature (definitions etc.) the database saves phy time.

Semantic web will address and support such effects on large scale. But top down approach might not be successful. Language and application of definitions differ. Instead of international top-down standards forced through, crawlers could enter such databases as this Italian and return with practitioners definitions to organically produce value by forming the necessary definitions and relations.

eHealth= empowered Health ! Many more will have access to health information and support.

After the presentation I asked the keynote speaker about progress of international safety issues, ie. How to avoid anyone to listen in on the (now Microsoft owned) Skype-conversations that he advocated for, address ownership (Goggle+ and Facebook own the pictures YOU upload). What are the international initiatives on this? : Response: Skype is unsecure but now only the start and an early application. Like in finance, secure applications will emerge.


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